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Kevin T. Boyd - Online Art Director

Creative Management & Web Design

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Art and art direction for print and online

As an artist, I have produced many illustrations, thousands of news and information graphics for print, and a number of animated and other graphics for online. As an art director, I advocated for innovation and excellence, raising the visibility of art and demonstrating it's power to communicate. I believe art should be compelling and fun.

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Good illustrations attract the eye and quickly communicate ideas, themes and information. The best also reward perceptive, intelligent and attentive readers with subtlety, nuance and fun.

Inroduction    Behind the Wave Face the Music California Bashing KB in 3D

Information graphics

Graphics convey information in ways not possible with words alone. When I worked for newspapers, I specialized in information graphics and created, art directed and edited literally thousands of them, from small simple charts and maps to in-depth, full-page presentations.

Information graphics should not only be pleasing to the eye and full of compelling content ... they should also be easy to navigate and digest, with visual cues to highlight the most important points, and navigation based on an understanding of the way people read and absorb information ... just like Web pages!

Inroduction    Erosion Loma Prieta Accoustics Medical


Animation is just plain cool. Here is a selection of animated gifs.

Inroduction    MC Logo Spin Patrol RLSV Net Addiction SV Bytes

For my transition from print to the Web, I produced a fun Flash movie created in Actionscript 1.0.

Art direction

I had many adventures as Editorial Art Director for the San Jose Mercury News, but I'm most proud of the development of a series of pieces we called "illustrated history." The first thumnail is a sketch for what was to be the initial instance for the 50th anniversary of the atom bombing of Hiroshima. Inspired by the graphic novels Mause, A Survivor's Tale and Barefoot Gen, I worked with artist Jim Hummel and graphic editor Karl Kahler to develop this sketch. When I showed it to the Managing Editor, he took one quick look and said, "Kevin, this is a f***ing cartoon about Hiroshima. Not in my newspaper!" and we ran with a conventional photo timeline. Undaunted, I had Jim work up another on the history of the Middle East for a story on the 1995 peace accords as half of the Back Page in black and white. This one ran, the editor was pleased and told me, "Kevin, if we had this before, I would have run the Hiroshima one." The team went on to publish 14 illustrated histories in various contexts under my direction.

Hiroshima sketch Holy Land Bosnia Iraq
Hiroshima sketch Holy Land illustrated history Bosnia illustrated history Iraq illustrated history
India The Promised Land Rawanda San Jose 100
India illustrated history Promised Land illustrated history Rawanda illustrated history San Jose illustrated history

Photoshop fun

I really enjoy Photoshop, the more layers the better. Over the years, I've created a number of Photoshop mash-ups for the love of my life, Robin. She has kindly given me permission to share them with you here.

KB Cast Away A Boydful Mind Coneboyd Gollum KB
KB Cast Away A Boydful Mind Coneboyd Gollum KB

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