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Kevin T. Boyd - Online Art Director

Creative Management & Web Design

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Prize-winning artist and art director with 20+ years experience in visual communication and creative team leadership. Award-winning Web manager and consultant with 15+ years of demonstrated technology proficiency, who hires, mentors and leads designers and developers in collaborative design, authoring and implementation of Web systems and solutions. Strategic thinker and inventor with broad knowledge of Web and server technologies, and with demonstrated success providing the best user experiences, in large-scale, multi-site and application development. Technical team leader with 10+ years experience, and a reputation for delivering the best possible customer service.

Areas of expertise include:

Creative Skills Technical skills Leadership Skills
User-focused UI design & prototyping Search engine optimization (SEO) Team leadership & project management
HTML/CSS/Javascript development & implementation Large- and small-scale Web site architecture development Goals-aligned Web strategy development & implementation
Creative, design & art direction Static & dynamic Web integration Outcomes measurement & tracking
Web branding & marketing strategy integration consistent with organization values & objectives Web UI design, development, usability, hand-coding, debugging & browser testing Creative technical talent recruiting, mentoring & retention, and talent-based work assignment & work flow
Idea generation, thumbnail sketching & wireframe creation Expert in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Contribute Vendor, contractor & consultant management
Content & taxonomy, traditional & new media Very familiar with Flash, Actionscript 3 & other software Detail-oriented multiple project & strategy orientation & effectiveness
Information graphics expert, illustrator & designer for print and online Content management & blogging, with Drupal & WordPress Group dynamics, customer/client service culture development & evangelism
Photography, including photo editing & extensive 3D experience Web products testing, quality assurance & bug tracking Personally model excellence in customer & client service
Strategies for mobile Web Web video strategy & implementation Expert training developer & experienced, natural presenter


Stanford University School of Medicine

http://med.stanford.edu/ 2001-Present
Lead Web Designer   2000-2009
Award-winning, original designer, site architect and production quality manager of over 600 individual Web sites and six Web software systems. Training program developer and presenter, content author, a service-oriented Web guru. Creator, mentor and operator of a Web technical support service with thousands of client users.
Manager, Web Support & Training   2009-Present
Leader of team of technicians in support of over 2,000 non-technical owners and operators of Web resources, in-house software and Web development trainer, and overseeing quality assurance for all sites and Web software
  • Invented an new Web architecture to create a top-ranked, award-winning site – Implemented systems and formatting to enable centralized management of sites, consistent formatting, upgradability, and integration of static and data-driven content from disparate systems into one coherent, award-winning Web site, ranked number one in Google for “medical school,” and since 2007 for “school of medicine”
  • Empowered individual organization branding within one consistent parent brand – Transformed chaotic, inconsistent site brands, formats and quality of 250+ sites into one consistent, high-quality format that enabled and encouraged unique unit branding within the coordinated overall brand of the School of Medicine, and later Stanford Medicine (school and hospital combined), now instantiated in over 600 sites
  • Designed and implemented a site production process that saved money – Created a workflow using Fireworks and Dreamweaver to streamline Web production; reduced average cost to under $500 per site
  • Produced over 200 individual sites personally, and directed production of over 400 more – Consulted with clients to guide content and taxonomy, then implemented client specifications in site production; hired student interns, temporary and fixed-term employees, and supervised production and quality of all sites
  • Saved money and time by providing in-house user acceptance testing – Organized, managed and practiced user scenario testing of a major upgrade of CAP system that added multiple new user groups and functionalities, resulting in high satisfaction and praise from the Director of Systems Engineering & Architecture and other members of the engineering team
  • Improved data-driven site development process through prototyping – Introduced practice of developing static HTML/CSS prototypes for Web software and collaborated with engineers through full development cycle and iterations in ASP and Java; created prototypes for 5 published systems
  • Created and led Web Help service in providing best of breed technical support – Managed Web-related technical support to site owners and operators, hired and supervised staff of Web Help desk in a values-based culture focused on providing the best possible customer support
  • Hired, supervised and mentored Web staff – Recruited, hired, trained, supervised and mentored 12 temporary workers, and 2 regular full-time staff; consulted in hires of 6 regular staff positions
  • Saved money and improved quality with in-house training program – Saved $57,000 annually over 10 years by authoring and presenting software training for Dreamweaver, Contribute, Photoshop and Confluence, in a program customized for Stanford Medicine site iterations
  • Improved employee skills – Trained 800+ school and hospital staff in software skills, Web development and operations in over 250 popular, live, in-person training sessions, in webinars and with online content
  • Increased preparedness and safety – Designed and implemented a facility-specific back-end system for rapidly notifying the Stanford Medicine community in the event of a public emergency


  • Award of Excellence in Electronic Communications from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
  • Nominated for Amy J. Blue Award by Stanford University, for “staff members who are exceptionally dedicated, supportive of colleagues and passionate about their work”
  • Nominated for Spirit Award by Stanford Medicine colleagues, for employees who have “outstanding performance and demonstrate consistent dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, and customer service to those they support and with whom they interact”

San Jose Mercury News

http://mercurynews.com/ 1998-2000
Editorial Art Director   1994-2000
Prize-winning visual journalist, Art Director, artist, illustrator, designer, graphics reporter, writer, editor, and supervisor of 12 award-winning artists and graphic editors who took a passive, assignment-only art department with a fine-arts orientation and turned it into a hard-hitting, active generator of scoops, news ideas, content and designs
Online Designer/Producer   2000
Web design and production for Mercury Center, a subsidiary of Knight Ridder Digital, online edition of the Mercury News and the first online newspaper in the nation
  • Grew department to meet need for visual excellence – Fought for and won a newsroom reorganization and made new hires to expand staff from 8 artist illustrators to twelve hard-hitting news artists and graphics editors, during the height of newspaper competition for visual excellence, brining new respect for news art, and helping make the Mercury News a recognized art and design leader
  • Found top talent that won numerous awards – Recruited and hired 5 regular full-time hires and 5 interns
  • Created new ways of telling stories visually – Used persuasion, overcoming editor resistance, to devise and produce an innovative illustrated history format based on graphic novels and published 14 examples
  • Improved quality – Designed and implemented a graphic proofing process that reduced errors by 50%
  • Modernized publishing technology – Specified, purchased and installed Macintosh computers, storage, printers and networking, and implemented a digital archiving system that increased graphics output by 25%
  • Acted as a role model for visual journalism – Reported, wrote, illustrated, and edited with excellence, providing full cycle technical production from inception to plate-ready negatives of hundreds of news and information graphics, illustrations and page designs on brutal daily deadlines
  • Informed hundreds of thousands of readers about health – Wrote and illustrated over 400 information graphics on health and medicine over 8 years, syndicated and published in 150 newspapers nationwide
  • Published live news and projects online – Early adopter of Web and HTML, beginning in 1995. In 2000, produced live Web pages and three major interactive projects using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, ImageReady, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and handled news briefs and headlines on tight deadlines, including immediate breaking-news releases and revisions


  • Pulitzer Prize for General News Reporting, Loma Prieta earthquake coverage
  • Silver Award, Society of Newspaper Design (SND)
  • Second Place, Best Informational Graphic, California Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Three Awards of Excellence, SND

Additional Experience, Skills and Qualities

Extensive experience with Medical, Health, University, Research and News cultures, issues and topics. Skilled in photography, photo editing, stereo (3D) photography, videography, filmmaking, basic Spanish and French. Conversant with environmental, workplace health and safety issues. Qualities of humility and life-long dedication to learning.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Design and Communication concentration, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Tribal Leadership Intensive by CultureSync, Certification anticipated March 2011
  • Managing @ Stanford – Management Essentials and School of Medicine Supervisory Essentials certified

Professional Affiliations

  • Creative Cares – Matches creative professionals with organizations in need - http://www.creativecares.org/
  • Volunteer Webmaster – For local non-profit organization

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