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Kevin T. Boyd - Online Art Director

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Image and word are equally important. In developing content for graphics, I learned how to be a reporter/artist, working the phone, investigating in the field, and bringing the story back to write, edit and illustrate and then put it in the paper the next day. In the process I acquired knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including medicine, science, technology, human behavior, social economics, the environment, history, and world cultures. I also learned how to edit, write to fit, and how to write punchy headlines.

Here are a few short samples of my writing styles.

Content Guide »

I wrote and edited this entire section of the IRT Web site.

Dreamweaver Training »

Contribute Training »

Likewise, I wrote all of the Dreamweaver and Contribute training content.

My BeetleLife with a Beetle »

In 1998 I bought a bright green Volkswagen New Beetle. When it was still something of a novelty, I wrote a first-person story for the Mercury's Drive section.

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