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Open primary mixes parties
Smaller parties offer more choices
Presidential primary is a mother lode
The presidential candidates on the issues
Other candidates in the presidenital race
A quiet GOP Senate campaign
Other candidates for the Senate seat

District 10
District 12
District 13
District 14
District 15
District 16
District 17

District 11
District 13
District 15

District 23
District 24
District 28
Districts 18, 20, 21, 22, and 27

Voters facing 20 ballot measures
Pro, con, for and against

Santa Clara County
Board of Supervisors
Superior Court
Los Altos Hills Council
San Jose Council
Water District
Open Space Authority
Ballot measures

Alameda County
Board of Supervisors
Board of Education
Ballot measures

San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors
Half Moon Bay Council
Ballot measures

Santa Cruz County
Board of Supervisors
District Attorney
Superior Court
Ballot measures

San Benito County
Board of Supervisors
Superior Court
Board of Education

How to use Pollstar ballot machine

Are we there yet? An explanation of the primary process

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Campaign 2000 at RealCities

California Secretary of State voter information
California Voter Foundation's nonpartisan guide
League of Women Voters' nonpartisan guide
Rough and Tumble, a daily snapshot on California politics

Alameda County
Monterey County
San Benito County
Santa Clara County
Santa Cruz County




How to use the Poll Star ballot machine

You will need a sample ballot to vote on the Poll Star machine. You should receive a sample ballot in the mail by October 24. Or you can get one at your polling place on election day, or by calling the registrar of voters at 408-299-8302.

Inside the sample ballot, there is a number next to the name of each candidate. Each ballot measure has two numbers, one for yes and another for no. ItŐs fastest to read your sample ballot ahead of time,and mark the numbers that represent your choices. But you can also read it as you vote. There is no time limit on voting.

Your polling place is listed on the back cover of your sample ballot; call 408-299-8302 if you have questions. Polling places may change from election to election, so be sure to doublecheck. When you arrive there on election day, your name will be checked against a list of registered voters and you will be given a ballot card.

Inside the voting booth

You will find the Poll Star machine, a device with plastic flaps like the pages of a book. The flaps are printed with numbers that correspond to the numbers in the sample ballot. You will use the stylus attached to the machine to punch out your votes.

Before voting

Insert your card into the slot on top of the device, making sure that the holes on the card snap into place over the pins on the device.

As you vote

Open the sample ballot to the first measure or candidate listed. Flip the pages of the voting machine until you find the number that corresponds to your first choice in the sample ballot.

Press the stylus through the hole in the plastic sheet next to the number of your first choice. Referring to the sample ballot, repeat this for each choice you want to make. You do not have to vote in every race or for every measure. If you think you have made a mistake, you can get a new card from a precinct volunteer.

Finishing up

When you are finished, remove the ballot card from the Poll Star device and give it to a precinct volunteer. A piece of the ballot will be torn off and given to you as proof that you have voted.

Source: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters

Illustrations by Wes Killingbeck -- Mercury News


Published February 20, 2000

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The original version of this Voters Guide, published on the Mercury Center site, is no longer available. Some links will no longer function. Rotating banner ads appeared in this space.

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