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Posted at 12:10 p.m. PST Wednesday, February 16, 2000


What's at stake? The Santa Clara County Open Space Authority preserves parklands, wildlife habitat and other open space. The agency is funded by yearly assessments ranging from $12 per house to $300 for large commercial properties. Stalled in the mid-1990s by a failed lawsuit from a taxpayer rights group, the 6-year-old agency helped preserve 12,196 acres last year in three large properties: the 534-acre Kirk property adjacent to Alum Rock Park; the 9,234-acre Lakeview Meadows Ranch above Morgan Hill; and the 2,428-acre Rancho Cañada de Oro, south of Calero Reservoir.

District 1

South San Jose, Morgan Hill, San Antonio Valley


Who is he? Dave Poeschel, 37, works as a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard Co. in Cupertino. A resident of Almaden Valley, he has served on the Open Space Authority's citizen advisory committee since 1997. Poeschel has worked with the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and other groups on Coyote Creek restoration and burrowing owl protection. He also was a founder of Friends of Los Alamitos Creek. He is endorsed by outgoing incumbent Johne Baird.

Where does he stand? Poeschel said a top priority of his is making sure the fledgling open space authority, which has a budget of about $4 million a year, aggressively applies for statewide grant money to buy parks that will be made available if voters approve Proposition 12, a $2 billion parks bond. He also emphasizes the need for a district Web site and more volunteer outreach. He would seek more partnerships with high-tech companies, and try to direct adequate funding for new parks in urban areas including East San Jose.


Who is he? Ed Foglia, 63, is a former president of the California Teachers Association. A resident of Almaden Valley, he ran unsuccessfully in 1996 for state Assembly as a Democrat against Republican Jim Cunneen. Foglia is a past president of the West San Jose Kiwanis, current president of the Italian American Heritage Foundation and Villas of Almaden Homeowners Association. He was a teacher in the Cambrian School District from 1957-1991.

Where does he stand? Foglia said he supports most actions the open space board has taken in recent years. He said he would bring his experience to help the board find creative ways to protect open space, such as conservation easements and partnerships, and would ensure that farmland also is adequately preserved.

District 3

City of Santa Clara


Who is she? Clysta Seney, 53, is the incumbent board member seeking re-election. A business process manager at Applied Materials Inc. in Santa Clara, she lives in Santa Clara. Seney is an avid bird-watcher who has served on the boards of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and the Maricopa Audubon Society in Arizona. She also has been active in People for Open Space.

Where does she stand? Seney said that if re-elected she would work to encourage Gilroy to join the district, persuade local cities to incorporate more open space into their general plans and seek new funding from foundations and other government agencies. She also is a major supporter of plans to release condors over the authority's Lakeview Meadows Ranch.


Who is he? William Gissler, 63, served as mayor of Santa Clara from 1977-1985. A retired civil engineer for Ruth & Going, he lives in Santa Clara. Gissler also served for one year on the Santa Clara Valley Water District board, and was manager of the West Valley Sanitation District from 1986-1994. During that time, he won several awards from the American Public Works Association for his work replacing septic systems with modern sewage lines.

Where does he stand? Gissler said he would bring decades of experience to the open space board. He said he could help in particular with budgeting and planning issues, as well as making sure that the agency does not purchase land with toxic waste or other problems. He also would make purchases along trails and urban creeks a top priority.


Published February 20, 2000

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The original version of this Voters Guide, published on the Mercury Center site, is no longer available. Some links will no longer function. Rotating banner ads appeared in this space.

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