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Young Frank

Killed By Lightning

By Frank Boyd

Let me switch to something a little more humorous. I'll tell you the story about me being killed by lightning.

As I said, we went to live with grandma and granddaddy Rockwell there in Uniontown while granddaddy Vernon was down at the South Pole with Admiral Byrd. I guess it was about, in 1939, I would have been eight years old, which means that your Aunt Peggy was about two. I think it was a little later than that, I think I was about nine and she was about three, but we were kids.

My recollection is that there was a big old tree along side the vegetable garden, and I had been put to picking stones and pulling weeds in the vegetable garden and your Aunt Peggy was doing something, playing in the yard there, the barn yard. I don't know, maybe she was throwing stones at the chickens that was one of her favorite past times.

But anyway, a summer thunderstorm came up suddenly. It came sweeping down off the mountains, and thunder and lightning cracked. There wasn't any rain per se, but she started hollering at me. She was hollering that granddaddy or grandma or somebody wanted me to come into the house right now and she was getting very insistent and stomping her foot. Of course, she wasn't speaking very clearly being only about three years old. She wasn't speaking very loud and I kept on doing what I was doing and ignored her.

There was another big crack of lightning and a flash, and I stiffened up and clutched my chest and made terrible sounds ugh, ugh, augh, augh and fell over on my back. Well, she went tearing into the house screaming to grandma, "Bubba been struck by lightning, Bubba was kilt. Bubba was kilt dead, he was laying out there in the garden." And of course, when she went running into the house, I sneaked away and hid in the chicken coop. Well grandma came out looking for me and started hollering for me and needless to say, I was in a lot of trouble. Grandma didn't give me a whipping, not grandma Rockwell, but my mother Louella did. She busted my butt.

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