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Young Frank

A Snake Story

By Frank Boyd

One of my good buddies in those days that I went to school with and banged around with an awful lot, was the young fellow who lived next door. His name was Roy, Roy Schroyer. He had two sisters. I don't remember what the younger sister's name was, but the older sister was Mary Jewel, and Mary Jewel was a pearl without flaw. She was absolutely gorgeous. I thought she was the most beautiful thing in world, and of course, she played the guitar.

Now, her sister played the mandolin and her mama played the concertina, and they used to get together every so often and have these little impromptu musical things.

I don't remember too much about old man Schroyer. He was there and he was around, but I don't remember too much about him. But Roy and I banged around together and did all of our things together and got into trouble together and so on and so forth; whenever we had any free time that is.

Anyway, this one day, we were down in the ditch where the creek ran between our property and theirs and we come upon this big old snake. Now, I don't know what kind of snake it was, pretty obviously, it wasn't a copperhead or a rattlesnake Cause it would have killed us if it was. Before it was over and done with, we had that poor old snake dead. We had a string tied around its neck and we were dragging him around all over hell's half-acre. We took him up through the yard and used him to scare Roy's two sisters, and Roy's mother came out. She was one of those kinds of ladies that didn't get flustered by too much. She didn't think it was too cool, us playing with that snake. And she allowed as how I should have the snake and Roy should come into the house. It was time for him to do something or another. So I headed out down the road for home.

We had this paved macadam road that the cars went on that went down past the house. In fact, it was Evans Manor Road. But anyway, it went down the hill and past our place, and here I come trucking on down the road in my bare feet. I guess I was in shorts or some kind or little overalls or something. But, I'm dragging this snake behind me, and great-grandma Rockwell came out on the front porch and she saw me with the snake. About that time, great-granddaddy Rockwell came out of the barn, came out of the workshop of the barn where he had been doing something. Well, both of them from their vantage points could look up and see me coming down the hill dragging that snake behind me. Well, grandma she screamed and she hollered "Frankie drop that snake right where it is and come here to me" and great-granddaddy Rockwell of course, lost his temper; "Frank Marvin, you take that goddamn snake back where you got it". Needless to say, these were contradictory orders from the two people that I loved the most in the world. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I did not know what the hell to do, so I stood in the middle of the road and cried.

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Copyright 2001 - Frank Boyd